Company Profile

Carrot Tamura conducts collecting, transporting, and disposing of wastes. We ourselves has a rare stable final disposal site in prefecture and can dispose wastes difficult to recycle by landfill. We achieve the safe and secured disposal flow by our consistent disposal system. Wastes range widely. Each company has an area of specialty to dispose wastes, and it varies company to company. Number of companies which is able to dispose special wastes is limited. To achieve disposing those waste, we establish the wide range of network with other companies in the same field over Yamaguchi prefecture. We structure optimal process and recycling flow as the window of disposing waste to our clients.

Service Guide

Waste Disposal Business

We conduct everything from collecting and transporting of waste to final disposing and recycling of waste. Our company has the stable final disposal site of industrial waste. We can dispose of waste that is difficult to recycle in landfills by ourselves, and we achieve safe and secured disposal flow with putting high value on compliance. Here is the Service Site

Recycling Business

We recycle the waste that is traditionally landfilled or burned as alternate fuel of coal. Throughout the entire group, we take the lead in recycling and reuse woodchips, plaster boards, waste plastics, and rubbles as recycled items, biomass fuels as recycle products.

Demolition Work Business

Since the disposal site is owned by our company, we can cut useless intermediate costs and give them back to our customers. Moreover, we offer safe and satisfactory demolition service with high-quality work done by professional demolition agent. To minimize dissatisfactions to the neighbors in demolition work, we prevent troubles of noises and waste beforehand, we try to thoroughly enforce neighborhood greetings, noiseless work, manners before construction. We support good neighborhood relationships.

Company Information

Company Name Carrot Tamura Ltd.
Date of Establishment October 3, 2005
Representative Pres. Yoshiyuki Tamura
Head Office 1332 Misumikami Nagato-shi, Yamaguchi, 759-3801, Japan
Tel: (+81)837-43-0430 Fax: (+81)837-43-2789
Manufactory Misumi Manufactory
・Stable Final Disposal Site
・Wood Waste Comminution Plant
・Plaster Board Comminution Plant
Capital ¥8,000,000
Major Business Area Industrial Waste Disposal Business
Number of Employees 18


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